Yogurtaise is the first non-fridge sauce that is made of fresh Greek yogurt.

It is a mayonnaise-like product that contains no eggs, instead of which it  contains fresh Greek yogurt. It is innovative product for which we have made researches for more than a year and have applied for a diploma of patent.

"We created a mayo-sauce that is made of Fresh Greek Yogurt instead of eggs!"

It could be one more mayonnaise, but it's not! Because it has no eggs!

It may be more Greek due to its basic ingredient, Greek Yogurt...

It may be cooler...

It may be just alternative...

But for sure, it is a new suggestion to the sauces world that you should definitely taste!

Its fresh flavor combined to its smoothness and flexibility in use, make it a unique product with lots of uses!

Taste it with:

  • french fries

  • burger

  • vegetables

  • sandwich

  • chicken

  • meat

  • fish

  • salad

  • pasta