Potato Salad with real Yogurtaise!

Hot served                                                             

    Serves 2

Level of difficulty: 2


-1Kg of medium size potatoes

- 4 tablespoon of Real Yogurtaise

- 2   tablespoon of smooth mustard

-2   tablespoon of olive oil

- juice of 1    lemon

- Salt & pepper

- 100gr of chopped parsley

- 100gr of cliced fresh onion

-50g of chopped dill


1. Boil the potatoes with its peel(after washed) for about 20 minutes, depending on how you prefer. Take off the potatoes and drain them. You can now peel the potatoes, or let them as it is, for extra taste and nutritional value.

2. Put the rest of the ingredients in a big bowl and mix.

3. Cut the potatoes in small pieces, so it is easier to be well mixed with the other ingredients. Mix well all of the ingredients and bon appetite!

Tip: You can add caper, reducing the salt you add, in order to enrich your potato salad with Mediterranean notes!


Bon appetite!