Marinades olive oil based

Greek traditional marinades for chicken, pork, beef and fish, with extra virgin olive oil, herbs of Mount Olympus and spices.
Four different recipes that are based on extra virgin olive oil, contain herbs from Olympus mountain(oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage) and
variety of spices.
Herbs are handpicked from a height of 1.100 meters of Olympus mountain, they have intense flavor and special aromas.

In combination to other spices that are used, we present Virgilliant Greek marinades that will excite your senses!
Only a tablespoon per portion is able to offer delicious taste and highlight your meals!

Each bottle (250ml) contains 16 portions.
Taste them!


Marinade for Chicken:
A marinade of intense flavor and aromas ideal for marinating chicken. It can be used for barbeque chicken, grilled, in the oven, or even more pasta with chicken.
Marinade for Pork:
A marinade ideal for marinating pork fillets or steak. It gives special aromas and flavors, especially if added one day before cooking. It can be used on barbeque pork, grilled or fried. It also helps tenderizing the meat.
Marinade for Beef:
A special marinade that combines rosemary, sage of Mt Olympus with allspice and three peppers. It offers rich aromas, flavor and tenderizes the meat of all cuts. It can be used for extra flavor in cooked beef in the oven, grill or even to soups.
Marinade for Fish:

Marinade for fish with Greek thyme of Olympus mountain and spices. A marinade with rich flavor, that can be used for marinating fish before grill, or even better as a dressing for grilled fish adding lemon juice for best result. Furthermore, it can be used for extra flavor to every cooking creation with fish.