About us

Virgilliant is a start up company based in Greece, with the aim to produce  innovative products and spread worldwide Greek traditional products, under a modern point of view. 

Founded in 2015 as an olive oil company, Virgilliant soon added to its catalogue a variety of products based on extra virgin olive oil.


Lately, our team after a lot of research and over one year of developing an innovative idea, is now ready to introduce yogurtaise!

We welcome you to our Real Food World!


Nowadays that the word "innovation" has lost its meaning of the unpaved path, the unique,

we choose to create a product that did not exist. 

It is a products for which we have applied for a diploma of patent.

Yogurtaise is a mayonnaise like sauce that contains no eggs. It is the first sauce made of Fresh Greek yogurt, not just one mayo-sauce with yogurt flavor!


It is a  sauce that includes the philosophy and taste of a very famous traditional product, Greek yogurt, and creates a total new category of mayo-sauces!

It could be one more mayonnaise, but it is not! Because it is not made with eggs!



Our Vission is to connect the Mediterranean eating habits with the modern way of life. 

We try to use traditional products and include them in our recipes in order to create totally new products "the modern way"!

Stay tuned for the next ones!